The Highway Murders - Coming Soon

In 1988, eleven women vanished from the streets of New Bedford, Massachusetts.  By the spring of 1989, the remains of nine victims had been discovered along the highways surrounding the city.  Two of the women were never found.  What followed quickly became one of the most infamous unsolved serial murder cases in American history.  This is the story of the victims, their families, the investigation, and nearly three decades of unanswered questions.  This is the story of, The Highway Murders . . .


The Highway Murders is the first documentary film series ever produced about the New Bedford Highway Murders: the deadliest unsolved serial murder case in New England history.  The film seeks to commemorate the memory of the victims, to dissect the investigation, to provide details about the suspects, and to uncover potential new leads in this twenty-eight-year-old cold case. The Highway Murders features contributions from a number of victims' relatives and friends, law enforcement officials, witnesses, media personalities, and various individuals connected to these tragic series of events.

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The Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle is a feature-length film documenting the Bridgewater Triangle, a 200-square mile region in Massachusetts with a long history of strange, paranormal and sometimes sinister activity.

The Bridgewater Triangle features interviews with a number of world-renown paranormal investigators and researchers including Loren Coleman, Christopher Balzano, Jeff Belanger and Christopher Pittman.  The film contains first-hand accounts of strange activity within the Bridgewater Triangle, along with theories as to what sets the Bridgewater Triangle apart as a hot spot for paranormal acitivity. 

The Bridgewater Triangle was released in 2013 and is available on Blu-ray, DVD & streaming online through Vimeo On-Demand.

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A Time To Reflect, The History Of Whalom Park


For over 100 years, Whalom Park served as the playground for the people of Central Massachusetts.  Despite an unfortunate demise, its infamous legacy lives on, permanently fixed in the hearts and minds of everyone who experienced the magic of Whalom Park.  Produced in 2004, and released in 2005, A Time To Reflect, The History Of Whalom Park, is a documentary film that chronicles over 100 years of Whalom Park's history; from its inception in 1893, to its present status after closing in 2000. Hear from a number of local residents as they rekindle their memories of this beloved landmark. Go back in time to the park's humble beginnings in the rustic woodlands of Lunenburg Massachusetts. See how Whalom's landscape changed throughout the years after a number of destructive storms and fires. Venture through the park during its golden years and take a ride on the Flyer Comet roller coaster, the antique Carousel, the Tumble Bug and other classic rides. Recall the many famous people that visited Whalom Park throughout the years, from the legendary big bands in the ballroom, to world-renowned performers in the Whalom Playhouse. Learn about how the park was culturally significant as both a social gathering place and as an employer to hundreds of local residents. Travel though Whalom Park's period of upgrades and expansions to its eventual demise in the late 20th century. Take a walk through the park today and see how Whalom's current condition compares to that of other classic amusement parks that have suffered the same fate.

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